Make a great first impression.

If you believe your call-center agents are your company's opportunity to make a great first impression, you'd be wrong. If yours is like most companies, it's probably Lisa in accounting with the pleasing voice whom you've asked to record the greetings for your automated attendant. Except Lisa's specialty is really accounts payable, she hates the sound of her own voice, and she gets nervous while reading out loud. This results in a recording that sounds dry and detached which could potentially leave your customers feeling like Lisa is uninterested in the reason the customer is calling. But that's not the impression you wanted to make at all. We can help.



Give your IVR system an upgrade.

Give your company the leading edge you need with our custom IVR greetings. Need to upscale your music-on-hold system? We also record custom greetings and provide files in any format your system requires.

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Voiceover Demos

We'll make you sound great!

We've been recording demos since 2004 and we've gotten pretty good at it. Record in a comfortable state-of-the-art studio with professional coaching and editing. Some of our clients even get hired from our website!

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VO Consultation

How's your voiceover game?

The voiceover industry has changed over the last 5 years. Have you changed with it? Need to know how to stay ahead of the game and get more work? Or do you just need to learn how to get started? Let's talk...

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Our Mission

What a joy to have found you!
Thank you for your professionalism. Believe me, I will be in touch with you again!

-Casey G. Williams

Located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Lambert Studios was founded in 2004. We're a production company specializing in recording voiceovers for IVR, broadcast, commercial, and industrial use. We also provide studio videography for actors auditioning for film & TV projects, church sermons, interviews, etc.

We are guided by Christian family values.

By offering exceptional personalized service, flexible scheduling, leading-edge technology, and expert guidance in a relaxed atmosphere, we build a relationship with our clients and deliver professional results for them.

Other Services Include...

  • ADR
  • Studio & Location Recording
  • Editing/Mastering
  • Music Beds & Sound Effects
  • Voiceover Production
  • IVR Recording Services
  • Studio videography
  • Chroma-key videography
  • Voiceover Consultation
  • Voice Demo & Vocalist Packages
  • CD Duplication
  • Cassette-to-MP3 Conversion
  • 8mm & Super8 film conversion

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