Company Information

Lambert Studios is a recording studio based in Little Elm, Texas and provides recording services to actors, singers, theatres, production companies, advertising agencies, and communications companies. We engineer, edit, and master recordings for voiceovers, singing demos, cast recordings, radio spots, voiceover demos, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR.) We also offer sound design for theatrical productions and voiceover workshops.

Founded in 2004, Lambert Studios has quickly developed a reputation for excellence in the voiceover community. To our own surprise, our workshops and demo packages have attracted customers from across the country.

Our Team

David H.M. Lambert


David is your primary contact. He's the owner who founded the company, he presses the buttons, maintains the website, answers the phone, and takes out the garbage every Tuesday.


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Anne Lockhart

Voiceover Specialist

Anne is our resident celebrity. She has appeared on stage, screen, and film all her life as has most of her family. And she has many VOs to her credit. And despite all that, she's a really nice lady.


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Our Vision

There are plenty of recording studios in North Texas that will record demos for actors. Some will even offer very expensive training. But Lambert Studios was founded with the understanding that actors are, by nature, not independently wealthy. We don't believe actors should pay rock-star prices for voiceover demos. If you need additional training, we have connections that won't drain your bank account.

We are guided by Christian family values and strive to treat all our customers as we would want to be treated ourselves.

Our Mission

Lambert Studios is a small North Texas-based production company specializing in recording voiceovers for broadcast, commercial, and industrial use. We also provide studio videography for actors auditioning for film & TV projects, church sermons, interviews, etc.

By offering exceptional personalized service, flexible scheduling, leading-edge technology, and expert guidance in a relaxed atmosphere, we build a relationship with our clients and deliver professional results for them.

Our Projects

Aside from producing countless voiceover demos for actors, we have also produced voiceovers for broadcast and commercial use, hosted sessions for Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR) for the NBC television show "Chicago Fire," produced commercials for political campaigns, recorded audio books and even narration for reality television.

We have even recorded a 3-time Grammy winner!

We also produce videos for a local church publishing a monthly online sermon series.