Interactive Voice Response

Recording prompts for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one of our specialties.  In fact, that's how we got our start.  Lambert Studios' owner, David H.M. Lambert, has been recording and editing IVR for over a decade.  And we can provide files in any format you require.

Lambert Studios has partnered with several communications companies to produce IVR for automated attendants, customer satisfaction surveys, and many other forms of IVR.

If you purchased an IVR system from snom, inc. (formerly pbxnsip, inc.), then you're in luck! All the original system prompts were recorded here. So if you need to record custom greetings, we have access to the same voice talent featured in your system prompts!

We can offer reasonably quick turnaround times and if you have a special need such as bilingual talent, we can help.

Contact us to discuss your IVR project today!