Voiceover Demo Remix...

Demos have expiration dates just like a carton of milk. As time marches on, brands fade away. Look at Pontiac, Circuit City, or Cingular Wireless. These entities no longer exist. If you have any of these brands in your demo, then you're telling the casting director that you haven't worked in a while. Also, if your demo is over a year old, then chances are you've gotten a gig or two that you're proud of and would like them included in your demo. Send everything to me and I'll freshen up your demo with the new material you provide.

All I'll need is your original demo (if it wasn't recorded at Lambert Studios) and your new material - all in CD, WAV, AIFF, or MP3 formats. I'll take out what you don't want and add in what you do.

This is a huge cost savings over what it would take to rework your entire demo from scratch.

Price - $150*

(Price includes a remix with pre-existing material. Re-mastering or recording new material will be billed at $75/hour in addition to the price listed above.)

* Credit card processing fees will be added at checkout.