Santa Sessions

The Holidays are fast-approaching. And Lambert Studios has a unique way to express your holiday spirit with our new Santa Sessions! You can book a Santa Session in either our recording or videography studios to create unique gifts for your friends and family or just share with the world through social media!

Got a song in your heart? Bring your voice and an accompaniment track (karaoke tracks from iTunes work great) and we'll record and edit your song.

Don't have the pipes for singing? Perhaps you'd like to make a video of you reciting "The Night Before Christmas" or some other holiday favorite. (A teleprompter is available upon request.) We can shoot against a pristine white background or we can transport you into a winter wonderland via the magic of green-screen!


  • Recording Session: $103.30/song
    (Solo vocalists only, please. Duets or groups extra.)
  • Video (White Background): $129.04
    (Please limit performance to 10 minutes.)
  • Video with animated digital background (Chroma-Key): $183.63
    (Subject must not wear anything green in color. Please limit performance to 10 minutes.