Advanced Voiceover Workshop

In this workshop, Andy Long discusses advanced commercial voiceover, industrial voiceover - reading medical or statistical lingo without putting the listener to sleep, the art of the timed read (can you read a paragraph in exactly 30 seconds?) We'll also explore character voices and improvisation.

This workshop takes place in our own recording studio where we've recorded everything from voiceover demos to radio & TV commercials to narration for an MTV reality show! You'll be working with real commercial voiceover copy. Then you'll listen to the playback, receive honest and constructive feedback, and you'll try again incorporating any changes that were recommended.

To make things really interesting, you'll watch a commercial with the sound muted and practice reading the corresponding voiceover while trying to synchronize your delivery with the titles on the screen. Then, we'll watch a children's video (again with the sound muted) and you'll improvise dialogue to match with characters in the video. A very challenging exercise that explores your talent for improv as well as character voices.

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Registration Fee - $150